Special Report: Senior Government Scientist Bill Thompson breaks 13 year silence on CDC’s Vaccine Autism Fruad – Media is Silent


This is a reprint of a Special Report from Blogging Mothers Magazine. It has been a big week for Internet and Media Censorship around Vaccine Scandals. First Leonard Horowitz’s You Tube Channel was pulled the week of the Ebola Outbreak. … Continue reading

Jenny Hatch Vocal Studio: Looking for Students in Cedar City Utah!

Jenny Hatch Summer of 2014

Jenny Hatch Vocal Studio: Looking for Students in Cedar City Utah! 50% OFF YOUR FIRST LESSON DURING THE MONTH… http://t.co/QGxIE8QzK7 — Jenny Marie Hatch (@JennyHatch) August 22, 2014 Click the link for: Jenny Hatch Vocal Studio for beginning Musical Theatre … Continue reading

Another Ebola Problem Solved: ” Natural Source ” Found Generates Racism


FAKE EBOLA OUTBREAK! Dr. Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane out the FRAUDSTERS http://t.co/ff0o0ie84R — Jenny Marie Hatch (@JennyHatch) August 21, 2014 I received this email from Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane yesterday:   Hi Friends, Do you think you might … Continue reading

Brad McQueen, Author of The Cult of Common Core on The Jenny Hatch Radio Show

Keep Calm

This Video Contains a short eight minute segment from the show! And the whole show is embedded in the Tweet below! Cult of Common Core author Brad McQueen talks Common Core on the Jenny Hatch radio show. http://t.co/XWTJv0Wl8K #wwnc1 #stopcommoncore … Continue reading

If Ye Are Prepared Ye Shall Not Fear!

crab apples w logo

Preparedness brings peace during a time of unemployment for our family… jennymhatch.com/2014/07/29/if-… http://t.co/6KBbyf5c1E— Jenny Marie Hatch (@JennyHatch) July 29, 2014 A quick video giving an overview of our Food Storage in the kitchen and how having it really decreases the … Continue reading